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Counselling@Work offers workplace-based counselling. 


The aim at Counselling@Work is to embed workplace-based counselling into the organisation by offering employees a safe face-to-face, confidential space to talk on-site with someone who is trained to listen attentively. 


People come to counselling for many reasons.  It could be to find a solution to a symptom such as stress or anxiety, or that they are in the midst of a crisis, or maybe something that has happened in the past is impacting the present.  Perhaps there is a loss of direction or unwanted patterns or behaviours; or it could be a need for clarity about what is happening in life at this moment, or simply some space for reflection.


However typical or distinct the issues may be, the journey to understanding and dealing with them is as unique as the individual, and it is this which forms the foundation of Counselling@Work.




Pallvi Davé MBACP (Accred.)


BACP Reg. No. 376817

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