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Each 50-minute session is offered on-site once a week over a 12-week period.  The session will be framed around examining the history of long-standing patterns; sharing what is going on in life right now, and also exploring the relationship, the 'dynamic', with the counsellor.  By uncovering the patterns locked within these dynamics, we can notice links and perhaps understand their meaning. Allowing unwanted patterns to be replaced with new, more helpful patterns of relating or behaviour. 


The ethos at Counselling@Work is based on an understanding that it is in our early years that we lay down our most embedded dynamics or patterns of relating or behaviour. At the outset this may have served us well, but later in life and in new circumstances, less helpful aspects can sometimes emerge, perhaps making us unhappy or maybe preventing us from fulfilling our potential. 


Counselling can help with identifying these patterns, by exploring them and understanding their place in our narrative. Using this Psychodynamic approach allows for an opportunity to explore repeating patterns and where helpful to examine how the past may be effecting the present.


In practice the style will be determined by what suits the needs of each client.

It is not about giving advice, but about providing a non-judgmental, empathic and accessible means to allow the employee to find a way forward.


Whilst self-reflection is not always easy; it can be immensely personally rewarding, often having a positive impact on wellbeing and relationships at work. 


All sessions are completely confidential and are undertaken in accordance with the BACP’s ethical framework.

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