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Counselling@Work offers employee counselling on-site. 


As an employer you know that your staff are your biggest asset.  So it is important to look after them. 


None of us come to work in isolation.  We bring with us our own rich history, narrative, feelings and emotions.  We all experience crisis or issues at different stages in our lives, sometimes finding it difficult to set these concerns aside.  Experiences such as bereavement and loss, relationship, family difficulties, stresses at home and addictions can all preoccupy thinking and can become a distraction from work. This impacts how well we fulfil our function at work, often leading to feelings of isolation and mounting pressure. 

Furthermore, technology has allowed for the distinction between work-life and home-life to become less defined, as a result we work longer and longer hours. This physical merging of home and work inevitably reduces the emotional distinction between these two aspects of life.  

Thus, there needs to be a genuine adjustment in focus and attitude by employers towards employee mental wellbeing.  After all, it is mental capacity which forms the basis of the talent and aptitude we seek to employ and retain.  Without fostering this capability, we lose sight of the human and only see the resource.


Counselling@Work enables employees to access a convenient, safe and confidential space to talk, thereby minimising any disruption to the working day. Providing you with a proactive work-place based solution to safeguard the mental and emotional welfare of your workforce. 

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